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Registration Instructions

To be eligible to join the SSMBT, students must attend South Summit High School/Middle School, attend Silver Summit High School/Middle School, homeschool in the South Summit School District, or reside in the South Summit School District.  All athletes being registered must be entering the 7th-12th grade in the fall of 2023.

Please give us 24 hours to send the invoice and activate your Pit Zone account after steps 1 and 2.

Step 1) Team Registration

•Fill out the Google Form here to register for the team

Step 2) Team Payment

•Cost: $130

•Scholarships available, please contact the head coach or a board member for more information

•Team dues include jersey, bibs, race day bag, track suit, socks

•Nate McEntire will send you an electronic invoice via email

•We will contact you first if you request scholarship consideration

Step 3) NICA League Registration and Payment

•For new athletes, you will receive an invitation via email to register in Pit Zone

•For returning athletes, you will receive a notification that you can register with your existing account


•High School:       $340 (NICA dues)

•Middle School:   $290 (NICA dues)

•League scholarship information is available here.

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